All-in-One Snap-On Circuit Kit

All-in-One Snap-On Circuit Kit
All-in-One Snap-On Circuit Kit
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Price: Rs.2,999

NO SOLDERING REQUIRED. Safe for younger kids. Starter kit for students to learn and experiment with electricity. Ideal to experiment and build different products with one kit. Learn electricity and electronics fundamental. Contains easy to connect parts to make series and parallel circuits, learn about flow of electricity and build flying saucer, birthday tune generator and more.

  • Builds  800+ Interesting Projects
  • Over 50 Color Coded Parts
  • CD with Pictorial Connection Diagram Guide
  • Safe Reusable Product
  • No Additional Tools Required
  • Easily Identifiable Parts with Numbers
  • Robust and Durable Components


  • Electronic Components:
    • Mounting Circuit Grid Board
    • Electricity Generator
    • Motor
    • Switches
    • Speaker
    • Microphone
    • Current Measuring Ammeter
    • Integrated  Circuits
    • Light and Touch Sensors
    • Battery Socket with 4 AA Batteries
    • Other Connecting Components
  • CD with Pictorial Guide
  • Unique Adormi Certification with Online Evaluation
  • Recommended Courses:
    • Electric Circuits
    • Electronics Circuit Fundamentals
    • Motors
    • Switches
    • Generating Electricity
    • Series and Parallel Circuits
    • Generating Sound
    • Touch Sensors and Switching Circuits
    • Energy Transformation
  • Flying Saucer
  • Birthday Song Player
  • Fire Siren
  • Humidity Tester
  • Musical Doorbell
  • Night Activated Lamp

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