Appliance Remote Control

Appliance Remote Control
Appliance Remote Control Appliance Remote Control Appliance Remote Control Appliance Remote Control
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Learn how low-power wireless technology works and about the careers in entertainment industry. This project will help you build your very own remote control that you could use to switch ON or OFF a home appliance. It is harder than you think. Learn how to eletromechanical relays function and how to build a remote with long range of 25ft. By completing this project you will understand how infrared transmitters and receiver circuits can be built.

  • Wireless Low-power Infrared Based Remote to Control Home Appliances.
  • Control Range of Upto 25 Feet.
  • Converts Any Ordinary Appliance into a Remote Controlled Appliance.
  • Electronic Components:
    • Infrared LED and Receiver Module
    • HLS8L Relay
    • Frequency Generator IC 4093
    • Printed Circuit Board, Power Adapter, 9V Battery and All Other Required Components
  • Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide
  • Interactive Classroom Circuit Theory
  • Instructional Videos with Testing and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Entertainment Industry Market Analysis
  • Career and Job Prospects for Entertainment Industry
  • Unique Adormi Certification with Online Evaluation
  • Understand Core Technology:
    • Infrared
    • Electromechanical Relay
  • Learn Technology Fundamentals:
    • Infrared LED
    • Infrared Receiver Module
    • Remote Controlled Relay Circuit
  • Recommended Courses:
    • Electromagnetic Waves
    • Electronic Fundamentals
    • Basic Sensor Technology
    • Process Control Systems
  • Bedroom Lights
  • Garage Door Operation
  • Detonator Used in Industries
  • TV Remote Control

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