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DTMF Based Home Automation System
DTMF Based Home Automation System
Electro-Mechanical Relay Microcontroller Advanced
Want to learn more about DTMF technology, its future and how to build and control home applia..
Interactive Colour Detection based Gaming System
For all of you who had dreamed of making your own game. Here's your chance to learn how to do so...
Machine Vision for Product Quality Detection in Industrial Automation
This cool product will latch onto the pre-defined colour object/shirt and track its movement by a..
Operator based Security Surveillance System
All Bond movies have that secure location closely monitored using these. Build one of your own op..
Robotic Eye for Object Tracking
Robotic Eye for Object Tracking
Microcontroller Advanced
Wondered how enemy is tracked in a battle field, how misciles lock their targets. You can do the ..
Sophisticated Digital Picture Hanging Tool
Ever had that problem that you can’t seem to get your picture to hang straight, well then the A..
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