NFC Personal Medical Smart Card

NFC Personal Medical Smart Card
NFC Personal Medical Smart Card NFC Personal Medical Smart Card NFC Personal Medical Smart Card NFC Personal Medical Smart Card
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This is a very practical project that can be very useful to doctors, to know instantly all vital details of the patient to be treated. The project uses cards which when shown over the sensor immediately displays the patients’ medical history. Using an 8051 microcontroller we help control the sensor and detect the cards using RF-id technology.

  • Recognizing Patients’ ID and Registration Number
  • Operates at Low Frequency RF of 120 kHz
  • Detects RFID Tag Upto 5cm From RFID Reader
  • Analyses Previous Medical Report Using RFID Modure


  • Electronic Components:
    • Radio Frequency Identification Module with Two Authorized and One Unauthorized RFID Tag
    • 8051 Microcontroller - 89V51 and 16x2 LCD Display - JHD162A
    • 11.0592 MHz XTAL Oscillator
    • Printed Circuit Board, Power Supply Adapter and All Other Required Components
  • Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide
  • Interactive Classroom Circuit Theory
  • Instructional Videos with Testing and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Medical Electronics Industry Market Analysis
  • Career and Job Prospects in Medical Electronics Industry
  • Unique Adormi Certification with Online Evaluation
  • Understand Core Technology:
    • RFID
    • MCU Based Design
  • Learn Technology Fundamentals:
    • RFID Reader and RFID Tag
    • LCD Display
    • 8051 Microcontroller
  • Recommended Courses:
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
  • Basic Sensor Technology
  • Designing with Microcontrollers
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Cordless Communication

    - Low Power Designs

  • Patient Digital Report Card
  • Medicine Access System in Pharmacies
  • RFID Attendance Register
  • Blood Bank Information System

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