Touch Based Lie Detector

Touch Based Lie Detector
Touch Based Lie Detector Touch Based Lie Detector Touch Based Lie Detector Touch Based Lie Detector
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Catch a person telling a lie with this project! A lie can be detected in many ways, this project uses one of them to detect lies.Discover how touch sensing technology works, using it indicate the truthfulness of the statement. Have a blast using this on your friends and learn details about defense industry and design paramaters for it.

  • Demonstrates Stress as a Symptom of Lying.
  • Detects Moisture Level and Skin Resistance.
  • Relies on Sweating and Clenching as Symptoms and Displays Visual Output Indicating a Truth or Lie.
  • Electronic Components:
    • Touch Panel
    • Printed Circuit Board, 9V Battery and All Other Required Components
  • Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide
  • Interactive Classroom Circuit Theory
  • Instructional Videos with Testing and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Defense Electronics Industry Market Analysis
  • Career and Job Prospects in Defense Electronics Industry
  • Unique Adormi Certification with Online Evaluation
  • Understand Core Technology:
    • Touch Sensing
    • Galvanic  Principle
  • Learn Technology Fundamentals:
    • Amplification of Electric Charge
    • Trimmer Potentiometer
    • Zener diodes & Transistors
  • Recommended Courses:
    • Electronic Fundamentals
    • Active Electronic Circuits
    • Industrial Electronics & System Components
  • Polygraph as Lie Detector Device
  • Fraud Detector ATM Machine
  • Moisture Conductivity Meter

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