Tone Dialing Corded Telephone

Tone Dialing Corded Telephone
Tone Dialing Corded Telephone Tone Dialing Corded Telephone Tone Dialing Corded Telephone Tone Dialing Corded Telephone
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Build a commercial quality phone that will enable you make and receive calls. Build a full duplex communication device using bridge rectifier to reduce noise and amplify voice signals using cascade amplifiers. Learn to generate various tones and frequencies used for any core communication device.

  • Fully Funtional Corded Telephone to Dial and Receive Phonecalls.
  • Includes Hi-fidelity Earphone and Microphone.
  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls Indicated by an Audio-visual Alert.
  • Electronic Components:
    • Tone Generator IC HM9102C
    • Line-in and Line-out Switches, Tactile Switches
    • Earphone, Microphone and Piezobuzzer
    • Printed Circuit Board and All Other Required Components
  • Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide
  • Interactive Classroom Circuit Theory
  • Instructional Videos with Testing and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Entertainment Industry Market Analysis
  • Career and Job Prospects in Communication Industry
  • Unique Adormi Certification with Online Evaluation
  • Understand Core Concepts:
    • Dual Tones Multiple Frequencies
    • Tone Generation and Amplification
  • Learn Technology Fundamentals:
    • Cascaded Amplifier
    • Operational Amplifier
    • Modulator
    • Amplifier
    • Bridge Rectifier
  • Recommended Courses:
    • Communication Theory
    • Digital Electronics
    • Linear Digital Circuits
    • Analog Communication
    • Telecommunication Principles
    • Digital Telephony
  • Dual Line Phone System
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Telephone Line Tapping
  • Telephone Answering Machine

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