Personal Belongings CheckList

Items mandatory to carry

  • 5-6 Formal shirts and formal outfit
  • Set of swimming trunks
  • College uniforms.
  • Undergarments(sufficient)
  • 1 Towels(Light weight,cotton)
  • 1 Light Pullover
  • Rubber sold shoes (worm in,Comfortable)
  • 6 socks(1 warms)
  • 2 pairs of shoes (one running, one formal)
  • 1 empty water bottle(at least 1 liter )
  • Toilet kit(include sun screen & Mosquito repellent)
  • Any specific medicine if you are undergoing a treatment(please mention in the medical form also)
  • Extra pair of spectacles in case you use them. 1 sun hat/cap, Sunglasses
  • Tampons
  • Notebook and pen
  • Photocopy of passport and VISA
  • Sent Email in pdf formt
  • Packing :

    Limit to one piece of luggage. Do not pack in suitcase. You are expected to carry your own bag.
  • Money:

    Participants can carry travelers cheques for personal shopping, these are safer options. Participants must not carry currency more than S$10,000. Adormi does not hold responsibility of an money carried
  • Mobile Phone:

    Carrying phones is allowed. Onus on taking care against loss or damage it with them.Phones must be in off mode during lectures, industry visit and team activities. These can only be used during designated hours. Any phones used during unallocated time will be confisticated.
  • Cameras :

    Participants may carry cameras. Onus on taking care against loss or damage it with them.
  • Jewelry and expensive clothes:

    Jewelry or expensive accessories are not recommended. For expensive or delicate cloths, please exercise your discretion. Adormi will not be responsible for damage or loss any items.
  • MP3 players etc:

    Not recommended, though may be carried for journey. Usage will not be allowed. It can be distracting and is a safty hazard.
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