Global Engineering Outlook

What is GEO?

Adormi GEO is a recurring study tour which provides global industrial and academic exposure to engineering college Indian students. This week long educational excursion tour enables them to interact with students, professors and industries in Overseas locations. As a part of this program they would visit hi-tech industries, universities, technology hotspots and tour the city.

  • GEO is an Overseas Excursion trip that aims to provide global engineering exposure to Indian Students to major engineering hubs of the world like Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.
  • Students will get to visit world class universities, pay industrial visits to some global leaders like EMC^2 and understand their organizational structure and working mechanism.
  • They will get to witness latest technological trends ,get hands-on experience on latest technology and will also get to attend workshops with professors and students abroad.
  • GEO is also an exclusive platform for students to exchange ideas and build a global network which can later help them with higher studies & global career opportunities.
  • GEO also comprises of fun visits to trade shows, Science and technology fairs amusement parks etc for the students to have more than just a learning experience.

Why GEO?

As The Hindu Quotes it "The world's top 50 universities in engineering and technology in 2013 do not include any Indian university/college. The Higher Education World Reputation Ranking 2013 of top 100 institutions, has representation from all the BRIC countries, except India." There are over 2,500 engineering colleges in the country, producing over 7 lakh graduates every year.India Today states National Employability report states 17% of 5 lakh engineers in country are employable. Most candidates in interviews state they have learnt it in first semester but forgotten. They need continuous practise which institutes are not providing.

GEO is one step forward to improve the quality of Engineers in India and expose them to the global market so as to :

  • Exchange information and ideas about their field of study with students from around the world.
  • To get experts Opinions about their field of research and get to talk to the worlds best minds and technical gurus.
  • Get to know the process of taking up master courses in Singapore, Taiwan and HongKong.
  • Look out for prospective Job opportunities abroad.
  • Improve their resume and give a global dimension to it
  • Enhance Professional Competitiveness
  • Get a hands on Experience of Latest Technology
  • Prepare for Today's Global Workforce

Program Structure


The Global Engineering Outlook Program consists of 4 major components:

Ideate a product (Visits to universities)

These Visits are aimed at opening the gates of your mind by exposing you to the recent technical happenings around the world. Participants would be taken to world famous universities for hands on workshops, guest lectures by experts and networking event with foreign students.
These visits will also constitute campus and lab tours and exposure to latest technical research of the universities.
This will be a perfect platform for students who aim to excel in their technical domain, who want to get exposed to various recent fields of research and who are looking for masters in foreign universities.

Industrial Visit (Do you understand how industries function? Learn here)

These visits aim to give the participants a real time industrial experience to make them understand the actual working environment of the industry and learn product focused and business aspects of things. This visit will include visit to the R&D department of the related technical industry and also lectures by business tycoons and industry experts (Accompanied with sessions with business leaders and a Know-how session on the company structure etc.)

Little fun while working, only makes your brain run faster and better (Visits to local attractions)

This leg of the journey will include visits to Science and Technology museums, amusement parks, Local business factory, art and science museum and other local attractions of the place.

Quest for Innovation (The Battle ground)

In this Technical idea submission competition every team gets to submit an idea and present to industry experts and academicians. This competition will conclude the trip and the winners get a chance to implement the idea with foreign collaboration.

Adormi Advantages


Global Outreach
Adormi has strong worldwide network of hi-tech industries and renowned universities

Educational Agenda
Adormi will collaborate with Industries and Universities world wide to provide a complete educational agenda

Fun and Educative
Adormi will ensure a mix educative and fun activities with city tours networking events and other technology centric activities

Safe Trip
Adormi provides safe and reliable trip planned by industry experts and endorsed by industry and university

Hassle-Free Travel
Adormi takes care of all travel logistics in and outside India, including flights, intra city transport to planned locations, Visa applications. Lodging and food.


GEO for MBA / Business or Finance Students

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