On-site School Workshop

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Venue : Palm Meadows Lane, Adormi Office, Whitefield,Bangalore
Time : 10AM-12PM (Mon-Fri)/4pm-6pm
When : New Batches Start Every Monday
  : 25 Nov,2,9,16,23 Dec 2013
Fees   Rs. 2500/Week

This 5 day  workshop will spark creativitivity, love for physics among students. 


Day 1 : Understand How Electronic Gadgets work, Build component
Day 2 : Explore the world inside Cool Gadgets identify and learn about components
Day 3 : Understand principle behind real-life product and innovate
Day 4 : Engineer and build your real-life product
Day 5 : Student Presentation on take home product and Certificate
Other products for previous workshops  
Sound Generating Gadgets:
Electronic Mini Organ
Galactic Sound Generator
Melodious Doorbell
Police Ambulance Rescue Alarm
Cool Gizmos:
Lie Detector
Spy Cellphone Tracer
Rain Alarm
Automatic Traffic Light
Own Night Activated Light:
Night Activated Diya
Smart Night Light
Light Displays:
Dancing Robot
Cupid Heart Flasher

Contact us: 9731154690/8867107601 or workshop@adormi.com

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